Inability to offer a placement

Decisions about admission to the school will be made following consultation with the LA, and other relevant agencies.

R.E.A.L. Independent Schools retain the right to refuse the admission of a pupil on the following grounds:

  • The school considers that the learner’s needs, as identified in their Education Health and Care plan and/or referral information, would not be met by the school.
  • The school considers that the pupil’s needs could be better met by other LA services such as mainstream schooling or alternative provision; and that a placement at R.E.A.L. Independent Schools would be inappropriate given the needs of the young person.
  • The school has reached its capacity in terms of the number of available places.
  • The referral is made from a LA which is not the young person’s home LA, unless funding had been agreed and was in place accordingly.


  • In the event of limited availability in the provision the needs of a ‘Looked After Child’ would take priority.

Our admissions policy is located in the Policy section of our website here.

R.E.A.L. Independent School - Hinckley